Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Guess This Means We's A Coupla Normal Buggers?

So, Blizz done announced what the starting exchange rate fer gold tokens is gonna be twenty bucks gets ya thirty thousand gold. Or, lookin' the other direction, thirty thousand gold lets ya play free fer a month. (Once the ball gets rollin' they's gonna let go an let the price drift where it wants, but that be a separate matter.)

As is always the case, there was much weepin' an' complainin' on the forums about this 30k number. Nears as I could figger, about half the glubbernuggers was sayin' "Thirty thousand gold??!? That's so stupid! Nobody never done had that much gold in the whole history of the game!" an'the other half of the blumperduggers was all "Thirty thousand gold??!? That's so stupid! Even me dog makes that much gold every time he goes outside fer ta do his bizness." I figgers this kinda means what we all play the game in our own way.

So, last night, me an' teh Tiz was talkin' about it. I says what me gold operations is goin' good an' I could prolly buy one or mebbe two of them tokens a month, save us some bucks. An' she responded "You batshit crazy orc fuhgger! Is only twenty bucks! We needs fer ta sell them so we can has more gold!"

I figgers what this means we's pretty representatifyin' of the population at large.


Nicki said...

I thought they were going to give it a little while before they let the market decide the price, but apparently not. I bought one yesterday afternoon for 30,909. A few hours later when my husband tried to buy one, it had gone up to 31,215. He didn't have that much, but this morning he snagged one for 23k. So it's already fluctuated quite a bit, which I didn't really appreciate.

Unknown said...

Three thoughts:

1) If you pay your $20, I'm told that you will know at that time how much gold you will get based on the market, even though your token may not sell at that price. Wish I knew if that was true.

2) Some of the same folks who told me 1) also told me that the fluctuations will settle down, and become more cyclic. Particularly, demand will cycle high around the 7th of every month, because that's when it was released.

3) No one I know is talking about how Blizzard just managed to set themselves up to be paid $20 for a month of game time for a bunch of accounts instead of $14.95 or (in my case 'cause I pay by the 6 months) $12.95.

Redbeard said...

Of course, at $20 a pop, it's $5 more than a monthly subscription, and Blizz is laughing all the way to the bank.

Ratshag said...

@Nicki - Tell the hubby what he owes you 4k "domestic fairness and tranquility tax"

@Derill - 1) Is true. 2) "It will fluctuate." Any bugger what claims ta know more than that is mistakified. 3) Blizzard is providin' a service what both the buyers an' the sellers finds valuables. They gots every right fer ta charge a fee fer doin' so.

@Redbeard - Meh. Middleman chargin' a fee fer providin' a safe an' reliable marketplace what benefits both parties is one of the cornerstones of capitalism.