Monday, April 13, 2015

Go Home, Nat Pagle. Yer SO Fuhggin' Drunk

So Kinnavieve were out on her raft fishin' in the garrison. Doin' her daily, mindin' her business, when ol' Nat got hisself a notion. 'Stead of sittin' on the shore, drinkin' his beer, he went an' hopped on a horse an' rode out to. No, I got no flubbernuggin' clue how he managed that, he just did.

He gave her some advice ....

.... an' then he passed out.

Next day he were over at me garrison, doin' the same dang thing. Except this time he couldn't manage the ridin' on the water so he just stayed on the bottom of the pond.

.... and then he done passed out again.

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