Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wattery Bint Still Lobbing Scimitars

Time was, roughlies 75483 buggers a day was jumpin' inta that lake in Northrend, wavin' flowers and beggin' fer swords. Personalies, I think what Tirion Fordring and them other Argent Tourney buggers was all standin' around makin' bets ta see what they could get us ta do next. "Dude, let's pay Ratters 18g fer ta roll around nekkid in oatmeal so's a pretty lady'll give him a sword!" But I digressifies.

Point is, we heroes ain't been around like we used ta, and the Maiden of Drak'Mar done noticed. Apparentlies is been years since anybody done come by, 'til young Jinnik come by the other day. Is happy the Team could brighten up yer day a bit, Maiden!

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