Monday, November 21, 2011

Ten Buggers I'd've Rather Seen Than Chuck Norris

I realize what he be popular with some folks, but ta me the name Chuck Norris brings ta mind "champion athlete back when Nixon were prez", "utterly forgetable actor", and "source of much weak-arsed Barrens chat humor." Why Blizz would wants fer ta big bucks ta show off Barrens chat, I gots no fuhggin' clue. Ta me, makes as much sense as advertisin' a breakfast cereal by showin' off the dusty crud what accumulatifies at the bottom of the box. But I's just a simple orc, so mebbe I just cain't see the financial windfall fer ta be had from showin' a dude beatin' the crap outta a gnome. Anywho.

Here's me list of celebrities I woulda gone with, were anyone demented enough ta ask me (in no particulars order):

Gregory House, MD
Mary Lou Retton
Bert and Ernie
Herman Cain
Nancy Drew
Nancy Reagan
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Howard Hughes
Abraham Lincoln


Grimmtooth said...

Gregory House, MD - Night Elf priest?
Mary Lou Retton - Dwarf monk!
Bert and Ernie - Gnome warriors
Herman Cain - Goblin air guitarist
Nancy Drew - Jaina's stunt double
Nancy Reagan - Garrosh's stunt double
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Tauren druid
Howard Hughes - Goblin bank alt
Therazane - I liked her better when she was underground.
Abraham Lincoln - Dwarf hunter, naturally.

Skraps said...
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Skraps said...

He is pretty famously anti-gay and supported CA's prop 8 vocally.

Darraxus said...

I think he was perfect for a WoW advertisement as he is still very popular in pop culture. I also think he looks pretty good for a 70 year old man.

SpiritusRex said...

Chuck Norris playing a melee huntard...oh, the irony.

Elkagorasa said...

I am curious if we'll get something like the Night Elf Mohawk grenade in-game.

Chuck's Fists of Steel?

tkc said...

I'd rather have seen Tyler Durden. But what would he be? Orc shaman?

Sedna said... me gusta Chuck Norris. Mostly for his political views, but also because that meme died years and years ago. Let it rest, folks. Let it rest.

Now Vin Diesel? HIM I'd like to see. Orc or Tauren warrior or DK? A thousand times YES. (As an aside, if they got him to do voiceover for DKs, I would play nothing but that class until time stopped.)

Redbeard said...

You can thank Walker, Texas Ranger for Chuck Norris' resilience.

Oh, and you showed your age by adding Mary Lou in there, man. If you were about ten years younger, you'd probably put Kerri Strug or Shannon Miller.