Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"All Right Then, I'll Go To Hell"

Is big hairy Congo rats on yer birthday, Sam. Seems like only yesteryear me and Huck and Jim was floatin' down the river, and now here you is 176 years old. Great googly moogly.

When a simple line like that still resonatifies after overs a century, well, you sure knew whatfuhg you was about. /salute


Redbeard said...

Good ol' Mr. Clemens.

His spirit lives on in every steamwheeler I see on the Ohio River.

Zwingli said...

Makes me think that you're better read than our average orc warrior.

But then again, as Nelf, I'm sure I'm biased. ;)


Axeminster said...

The rumors of his death may be somewhat less exaggerated these days, but damn that man could write! I don't think anyone of his era holds up better.