Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seriously, I'd Pay Real Golds...

...fer ta be able what ta transmogrify me tanking armor inta this:

Mebbes 'mog me weapon and shield inta fishies while I's at it. C'mon Blizz. If'n yer gonna let us have some funs doin' the silly, then let's have the balls fer ta go all the way.


Unknown said...

Ratshag you know the reason why Blizz won't let you play in that dress; you're too sexy for that dress, too sexy for that dress, too sexy, oh yeah.

But I'd pay real golds to see it.

Dechion said...

A was kinda thinkin something like that myself.

I was gonna be wearing an chefs hat, a loincloth, and a smile. All the while weilding a rolling pin and a 37lb catfish.

A 'course that all on a pally, so's it pretty normal.

scotth said...

That is awesome, and the thought had never crossed my mind. I think the bouquet of roses would go better than the fish though.

Jamin said...

"Does my butt look big in this?"

Aha, that would be the day XD

- Jamin

Anonymous said...

My male bank alt (human warrior) sports the Wool Dress (the one that says "I feel pretty"). Oh yeah, he's been called gay many a time. He just looks good in blue, jeesh.