Thursday, August 25, 2011

Carefuls - He Might Hear Ya

Tempestad: Is Deathwing still flying around, blasting random zones?
Kinnavieve: Far as I know. Why?
Tempestad: Well, I've leveled all the way to my 85th season, and now I'm doing archeology. I think I would have seen him by now if he was still around.
Kinnavieve: *shrug* I dunno, Pali said she saw him when she was in the Blasted Lands a few months ago.
Tempestad: *shrug*

... not two minutes later ....

Deathwing: RAWR! I'm still here, bitch!
Tempestad: Oh!
Tempestad has died.
Tempestad has earned the achievement [Stood in the Fire]

Kinnavieve: Well.... I guess that answers that.

(Yup, that's exactly how it went down last night. I's shittin' you buggers not)


Jamin said...

I have yet to get kil.. Meet him :(

I am sure my time will come!

- Jamin

Edyion said...

I think he has been stalking me when i do Archeology. He managed to kill me twice and two near misses in like a 3 week period.

Kayeri said...

Deathwing must have a thing for paladins. I have four 85s and a plethora of younger alts and only my paladin was hit and her only the one time. Kayeri has been in the same zone two or three times, but not in the right area and none of my husband's toons have been hit, either.

Mrs Ratshag said...

Tempestad is my hunter :)

Ratshag said...

Deathwing has a thing for Mrs Ratshag.

Konni said...

I had a very similar experience yesterday while farming in Uldum. :) Stood in the fire on my Hunter-Gatherer and then quickly brought the rest of my team to the party as well. :D

Gyorg said...

He's either afraid of me, or has a really low hit rating. Twice he's attacked zones I've been in, and twice he's missed me.

You'd think a giant draconic avatar of death would have better aim... or at least be more thorough.