Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is Where Gogmoth Goes Ta The Frozen North

Yeah, Northrend. Where the wind blows fuhggin' cold, and the glubbernunkin' dead walk the earth. Home of the walrus dudes and the voluptuous walrus wimmenz what gives good walrus lovin'. Northrend, where the murlocs talk (kinda sorta) and duke it out with them furries in the Basin. Northrend, where Freya's milkshakes done bring all the boys and girls ta the yard, and Hodir remembers ya from the mountains. Northrend, where Alex wears her climate-controlled thong and the Broom Hildas wear icicles. Northrend, land of Really Big Worms and Really Confusicating Oculus.

So tells me, little brother, what be yer first thoughts of this brave new world ya done made it to?

"This stupid had keeps falling down over me eyes and it tickles me beard."


Kayeri said...

Aw, I didnt realize Ratters had a little brother! Hee, I wonder what he's like compared to my "happy, perky" warlock, Miren...


Anonymous said...

The quote with the mountains was thorim xD