Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost As Big As The Ones In Texas

Is a lotta bugs in the Spiders Wing of the re-reborn Naxxaramalamadingdong, and Maexxxna be the biggest of them alls. But me and the Purginistas - Big Bad Guun and Zinzi What Gives Good Resurrection, Grumpy Tarsius and Quick-Draw Bull, Rim With Arcana Set Ta Hocus-Pocus, Dead Ix Who Don't Smell Too Bad and Throttle What Be Dead And Smells Like It - we weren't afeareds. We had us some rolled-up magazines, some cans of Raid, and a flyswatter Rim picked up at 7-Eleven. We was ready.

And, afters a bit of sorting out how ya bust out a webbed bugger and who's healing which what when, we had us one squished bug. Anybody up fer some gooey spider cake?

Is two wings cleared now. Next up is some Frogger boss, and then the big toxic bubblehead. Then the real funs begin.

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