Monday, August 10, 2015

Is Where Ratters Has Exclusives-Like Info About The Next Expansion

So, this here post be about them class Order Halls what got announced last week. If'n you's avoidin' spoilers, ya should prolly skip this. Is not really that importants anyhow.

So, what they said was, each class done gonna get a hall fer ta get quests an' bond an' smack they's minions around fer bein' wastrels an' whatnot. No other classes allowed in. An' they said what each hall gonna be in a special place fer that class - Pallies is gettin' the rumpus room in the basement of Light's Hope Chapel, Shammies is gettin' a cold wet slimy cave in the Maelstrom, an' so on. But thems did not say where the Hall fer the Warriors is gonna be. Where's it gonna be, Ratters? you buggers wants ta know. I's so happy you asked.

Is a Need More Rage exclusive: we's gettin' the best Hall of them all. All them other classes gonna be jealous. An' they cain't come in. They's jus' gonna be out on the boardwalk, feelin' loneleys.

Blizz done finally got it right an' realized what the most scarred an' amazingly virile class deserves ta be thrown a bone, an' so the Warrior Class Hall is gonna be none other than the legendary Fishmonger Sally's in Booty Bay. Fer years Sally's has been the place ta go fer grade A underwear-filtered moonshine, pinball machines what eats yer quarter half the time, sportin' games like Throw The Peon's Head Through The Hoop, tattoo artists what be drunker'n you, sharknado wrasslin', an' of course the finest in professional horizontal refreshments, regardless of (or sometimes in spites of) yer preferences, genders, or anatomicals. An is gonna be jus' fer us - no shiney-arsed pallies allowed.

I hears what even Gul'dan be thinkin' what he might re-roll warrior, jus' so's he can get in.

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Unknown said...

Maybe it's time to look in on my Warrior stuck at 60 in Hellfire for that. Maybe this time she could ... go ... all ... the ... WAY!