Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Somethings Ain't The Same No Mores

The Scene: Hyjal Summit

The Players: A Horde Grunt, a Horde Headhunter, and an Orc In A Dwarf Priest Disguise

Grunt: Here they come. Bugger me, is a lot of them.

Headhunter: Steady, mon. We has a hero with us.

Grunt: I dunno. Wasn't there supposed ta be twenty-five heroes?

Headhunter: Mebbe is one of dem "flex" things dey told us about?

Grunt: Gonna find out - great googly moogly, look at all those undeaders.

Headhunter: Stand firm, hero! We be wit' ya - grunts an' headhunters an' shaman an' Thrall.

Grunt: Bugger me. He just ran out there.

Headhunter: Hero, come back! We got dis strong defensive ... position .... here ....

Grunt: Fuhg me.

Headhunter: Da hero, he just killed'em all, mon.

Grunt: Fuhg me.

Headhunter: De undeads, dey all dead.

Grunt: Fuhg me.

Headhunter: I thought dem shadow priests didn't even have an AoE, mon.


Redbeard said...

Okay, I laughed.

Kallixta said...

I did, too, but mostly at "great googly moogly"