Monday, March 9, 2015

Some Blades Is Sharper Than Others

I ain't sayin' what this be one of the buggier expansions in recents, but Jenyu the monk were rollin' her way through the Burnin' Blade compound in Nagrand this weekend an' some of the trainees .... well .... lookin' like they needed some more trainin'. They was just sorta standin' there, starin', not seein' the six foot tall heavily armed panda with pretty hair right in front of thems.

Sighin', dancin', kissin', ticklin', whackin' the buggers mightily upside the head with her polearm, none of it got a response. But I ain't sayin' what this expansion were rushed out the door months before it were finished or nuthin'.


Redbeard said...

Of course not.

Not. At. All.

scotth said...

Maybe they are just being stoic?