Monday, January 5, 2015

What Could Go Wrong?

So me an' Bony Xuk is killin' fluggernubbers up in Gogrond, when he comes ta me with a plan. Apparentlies he'd scored some primo whateverfuhg it is them Laughing Skulls score, an' it had done put him in touch with his dead ancestors.

"Xuk," I sez. "I like you an' all, man, but yer nuttier than one of them yellow packs of M&Ms. The big family size, ya know. So, thing is, is yer spirit dudes, what came up with this plan, as crazy as you?"

He laughed, an' rattled his bony armor. "Crazier, Ratters, crazier! Like crazy foxes!"

Oh, goody.

So of he scoots ta the edge of the cliff, and calls out ta Gro the Uncreator. Big as a mountain an' twice as dense.

Gro starts headin' over, sumthin' like curiosity except not really in his eye. Xuk done be gettin' all excitified-like, rattlin' his bones louder an' louder. "It's workin'! Is fuhggin' workin'!"

An' it kept right on workin' right up until it didn't no more.


Afters, that crazy dead gubberdupper Xuk had hisself a conclusion on the whole operation.

Sanest thing the poor bugger ever said.


Grimmtooth said...

Many a Xuk knew what it was like to roast in the belly of a Gro on that day, let me tell you.

scotth said...

His ghost is probably haunting your garrison now. Most people ask you to help them out they give you some gold and that's it. Not this guy.