Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Church Of "Holy Light"? Ya Sure?

Grundy Macgraff (Dwarf priest)

Father Inigo Montoy (Human priest)

Grand Inquisitor Isillien (Priest, Scarlet Crusade)

The Black Bishop (Background unknown)

Archbishop Benedictus (Supreme human religious leader)

Corruption. Everywhere, at every level. Demons, Lichs, Faceless Ones. The institution been rotten ta the core fer years, and not in a "we's gonna take yer donations and buy our girlfriend a new car" way, but rathers a "we's gonna destroy the world" way. An' you trust these buggers with yer immortal souls?

Pffft. You's crazy fluggernubbers.

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Zwingli said...

I say we promote Kin to the rank of High Poobah within the Church of the Holy Light! She'll start kickin' some butt and taking name. We'll have a new breed of priests and paladins; some that really count!