Saturday, July 21, 2012

Guess Who Else Gonna Be Walkin' In The Next Expansion

What with Pali done pickin' up the Phoenix Hatchling a few days ago, is time fer ta leave that glunkerthudder Kael'thas be. Next beeyatch what gonna give it up fer Team Ratshag: Skadi the Clueless.


Kayeri said...

When the blue protodrake dropped and Kayeri won it, it was fairly early in the xpac, I didn't even know the mount existed! So I wrote a little story about Kayeri finding Grauf's poor harpooned body, so she healed him and he stayed with her... =)

Ratshag said...

Glad thing ya didn't look in yer bags afters, go "whathell is this?", and delete him.