Friday, April 13, 2012

One Sentence

"Yay, we five done cleared the Dungeon of Nasty Things, and killed the Demon What Drops Phat Lewt! Bob an' Fred, you guys did a real good job, so thankee. Susan and Marie, you both look real purdy."

Can ya see why this ain't cool, and oughtta be changed, even if'n it don't offends you personally? If not, well then.

Try. Again.

Meanwhiles, if ya thinks what changin' one sentence means an NPC ain't no longer unique an' colorful an' interestin', then he weren't really all that ta begin with, was he?


SpiritusRex said...

Please tell me that this is not in-game. If so, some script writer needs to crawl out from under their rock and get a clue (or get smashed by said rock). Just what we need, more stereotyping to promote gender inequality. FAIL!

Anonymous said...

Spiritus Rex, may want to look at another website as you obviously don't understand what was stated above. Please re-read it and maybe you will understand instead of jumping the gun, squawking and not comprending what was stated.

Ratshag said...

Names've been changed fer ta protect the innocent, but yeah, were an important NPC in beta what was basicallies doin' just that. Some folks pointed out what that were full of dumb, Blizz quietly fixed it, and yesterday a buncha fools lost they's brains all over the sidewalk. "What's wrong with tellin' a girl she's pretty? Yadayadayada"

Relax, bro. Spiritus alreadies done be readin' the most important site - all others be optional.

Redbeard said...


I think I know exactly what NPC was saying that, and I haven't even played the Beta.

The idiots who go around saying "what's wrong with tellin' a girl she's pretty?" don't get the point. If you say it in the way described above, you're pointing out that their looks is the most important part of them, more important than their class skills.

I'd like to say what they'd think if it were reversed and that the NPC said to the women "nice job taking down the boss" and to the men "nice package", but they'd probably like that.

SpiritusRex said...


Thought I understood what you were pointing out. Thanks - first time I've had an orc save me the trouble of lettin' fly with one from my quiver at some anonymous moro...idi....person.

Goodmongo said...

Wow you take offense at everything. Learn to love life and let things go. You might find you enjoy it more and may live longer with less stress.

Ratshag said...

At least Blizz managed not ta pick the sides of the idiots this time around.

Don't be wastin' arrows, or you'll end up like Tyrande

Mmmmm condecension from the fool what couldn't remember the difference between Left an' Right. Always so, so delicious. Thankee!

Siobhann said...

Good for Blizzard! I see they decided to resume thinking with the parts of their anatomy ABOVE their belts.

The Renaissance Man said...

And then you find out that Marie and Susan are both men playing female characters, and things just wind up being awkward.

Anonymous said...

What WoW Insider made it out to be:

Excuse me, Panda male. Not only are you incredibly powerful and a great hero, you are infinitely greater than women because you are a man!

Look at you, girlie. I wanna do so many things to you, because you are so fiiiinnneee. But don't go thinking that you're actually strong; let the MEN handle this, you weak little girl.

What actually happened:

Lookin' good, dude!

Lookin' good, dudette!

Zellviren said...

Except for the fact you're equating a one-on-one conversation with no singling out, to a five-on-five conversation WITH singling out.

Apples and oranges, Ratters, apples and oranges.

I didn't expect such sloppy, politically correct commentary from yourself.

Consider me educated.

Ratshag said...

@The Rennaissance Man
Bein' awkward is fer the weak. Why should I care what sex someone's RL avatar be?

Always nice when a corporation simply fixes they's mistake, 'stead of gettin' all hostile and defensive.

If'n ya believe he were basicallies sayin' the same thing before they fixed it, why do it bother you that he now actually do say the same thing?

So yer tellin' me sexism ain't actually sexism if there ain't no witnesses? Gimme a fuhggin' break. A bugger is responsible fer what they say, whether is party chat or a whisper.

Sedna said...

Just what Redbeard said. Last I checked, my lady tauren's appearance had absolutely nothing to do with her ability to hand out asskickings. So why are you bringing it up as a reason to work with me? Doing so demeans us both. Recognize me on my skill or not at all.

Anonymous said...

Dear dear weeaboos--

if you're that mad that the panda's not Happosai anymore, go watch Ranma 1/2 again and leave the rest of us people with lives alone.


Zellviren said...


I think a review of the definition of sexism is in order:

"Discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex".

So, even in our world, this can't be classified as sexism (read, CAN'T) because there is no discrimination or devaluation of the player; the pointlessly controversial pandaren simply tells the player they're pretty. Hell, he even puts them through exactly the same activity as the males - assuming, therefore, that the females are just as capable.

I'd have respected Blizzard more if they'd told feminist whiners to give themselves a shake and stop looking for demons when there are none.

Alas, yet again, they caved to left-leaning lunacy.

It's tragic.

Imakulata said...

I agree they didn't have to change the female version. Maybe they could have changed the male version:

Hi, handsome! You're quite a treat, I bet that even guys fall for you. I think we are going to be, er, good friends, aren't we?

I'm actually curious how would the guys handle it; I can say that in my case it might fall to the "not very well" cathegory.

Ratshag said...


Ya lost me, bro.

Nice try with the appeal ta authority, but I can go ta too. And the first definition they give be
"attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles",
which fit the original sentence perfectlies. If'n yer gonna cherry-pick, find a more obscure tree.

Now, as fer the "CAN'T be devaluation"... because he simply "tells the player they're pretty", Yer fergettin' the opportunity cost. Try tellin' a woman what works fer ya she's pretty but don't give her a raise at her next evaluation an' see if'n she don't feel devalued. I know, yer gonna cry "apples an' oranges" or sumshuch again, but that's just 'cause you ain't grown-up enough ta admit when yer wrong.

I'd've handled it fine, but I's me.

Zellviren said...


I admit, I had a good laugh at your ridiculous straw-clutching. The definition you've chosen is utterly irrelevant because there's absolutely no behaviour from the character in question based on sexual stereotypes.

None. Not a single piece of it. If you don't believe me, re-read the text that got sensitive wee souls such as yourself all worked up. Once you've done so, tell me what in his commentary causes him to discriminate against female characters, or shove them into sexual stereotypes.

No, seriously, I'll keep checking in until you can come up with one example (and maybe less attempts to look clever in a debate you don't understand?).

I don't have to cry apples and oranges. Your choice to cite some dreamed-up example of sexual discrimination in the workplace, something that has laughably little to do with the topic, shows just how far people will stoop when their dubious opinion is shown to be the utterly illogical silliness that it is.

It's like equating Charlie Chaplin with Adolf Hitler due to their moustache.

My sincerest apologies, but logic places the burden of proof firmly at your door. It's not a question of "growing up", so save your chest-puffing for others whom such arrogance might wash with.

Adults just laugh it off for the insecure emotional projection that it is.

Ratshag said...

Yup, I wins.