Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cain't Cure Stupid (Plaguelands Edition)

"Don't worry" Taelan Fordring sez. "You handle the adds, I'll tank the boss!" he sez.

"Dude, you ain't prot specced. Ya ain't even gots a shield" I sez.

"My dps is so leet, I shall burn him down quickly!" he sez.

Ya, that went real well. Silly lolret bluggernubber.


Dorgol said...

It's funny watching how fast the Grand Inquisitor goes down when Tirion gets there.

I think Taelan must have had rez sickness or something...

I did this quest recently on my Shaman (that's the 5th time I think), and being level 60 I wasn't able to stand up to the Inquisitor long enough. Thankfully, the event completes whether you are dead or alive. :)

Chawa said...

I just did this quest the other day too and was all "um, crap, he's going to die." And then I tried to apply a bandage on him. :S