Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Where Ratters Is The Best Minion Ever

Hi, everyone! Ellspeth here.

Do you like my new hat? I think it's very cunning. It says, "Here is a liberated young woman who knows what she wants, and will totally destroy your body and soul if you don't satisfy her." No, really, it does.

Ratters got it for me, by fishing out in Northrend. Now fishing sounds easy, but he had to do lots of icky things like bathe in caribou blood and crawl around in the sewers. One time, he even had to find some dude's arm that had been bitten off and left in some fish's stomach all night. His arm! Yuch! I really don't understand Northrend fishing - I've never had to do anything like that to fish, not even in Stranglethorn. But Ratters did it all, just so he could get me this hat. Isn't he the bestest minion ever? He even has an easy to remember name, unlike Jerzewutever here. I'm totally going to keep him .... uh ... around ....

Ratters, what's that Marcia just gave you? It's so sparkly! Thank you - I'll treasure it always, and-

Auction House? 800 gold? But Ratters, I waaaaannnnt it.

Minion! Gimme!

Ratters? Raaaaaatterrrrrrrsssss.

Please? Sparkly?

I'll steal your soul last, I promise!


Khol Drake said...

The hat is quite fetching, I admit, but overall, I think Ellspeth's ensemble could benefit from something else...

A gag...


Cathy said...

Ooo that looks tres chic. I recommend a pair of sunglasses from Haris Pilton in Shatt.

You would definately have that Jackie O. Look

Me wants..

Suptail said...

@Khol Drake- You have my COMPLETE and UTTER SUPPORT on THAT opinion!