Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Red Hawt Axe

'Alloo there!

I finally pulled mah last toosk from the jaw of one of them Stranglethorn trolls, and so it were time ta go back ta the Alterac Mountains and give them to that craizy troll hermit. But first, I decided to take a well-earned rest at the beach and get mahself a tan. Those orc guards at Grom'Grol weren't too keen on a dwarf sunning herself outside their gates, but once I explained ta them, wit' lots of gestures and handwaving, who I worked for, they decided it were all right. Of course, pantomiming a name like "Ratshag" wit'out everyone t'inking you're a bluidy perv were a bit of a challenge! But I managed. Unfortunately, instead of a tan all I got was more freckles and a bit of a burn on mah shoulders. Curse mah dwarvish ancestors and their decision ta live under ta ground! *sigh*

But vacation time ended and I took mehself up into the mountains and gave that hermit all he wanted. But before he summoned the Cyclonian I called in some reinforcements. Ah don't know if all of mah mates tagether could've handled him, so instead I called on Temm, mah GM and a fellow warriour. I must say, he looked very becoming with his twin katanas. And together we made short work of that elemental.

I took it's heart to the hermit, and he used it to summon me a very fine axe. And since Temm is an enchanter, he was able to get it all fiery for me then and there. All those boptupperin' monsters out there best look out!


Anonymous said...

What does a girl need to do now and days to get a decent tan without been harassed! I am so happy to see she nows has an axe to match her hair!

Khol Drake said...

Proper accessorizationizing is very important to a warrior's ensemble.

Anonymous said...

/Blog Tag...Your It!

Aww Rats your wee Dwarf-Chic is cute :D