Sunday, January 13, 2008

In The Eye

So. Whooped it up at the Eye of the Storm about 15 more times this weekend. Got me about 4000 honor points, which be a lot more than the zero I had goin' in, and also be more than a quarter what I need fer me shield. I'm sure there's buggers what can get more than that before noon on Saturday, but I's satisfied.

Had me a gay old time in the Eye, I tell ya. I defended towers, I attacked towers, I fought fer control of midfield, I defended more towers. I charged, I concussed, I bashed, I did me best to be a prot warrior-sized pain in the arse. One time I tried picking up the flag and running with it, but in the excitement I got confusticated and ran the wrong way, which didn't work too good. So no more of that that 'til I grows a bigger brain.

Gotta go see what's on fer next weekend.


klaki said...

Gratz on the honor. I would recommend getting a dps set of gear and spending some gold to respec for several days (if you can) as a dps warrior to do bgs. Then you can put a hurting on some squishys. However, if you ever see me, don't hurt me.


Dammerung said...

I agree with Klaki mostly, but then I thought ooo a prot warrior flag runner.... ooo yummy.

Well, once you learn the right way is over there----->

and not
<------------------ over there.


sonvar said...

Hope you're playing tonight as we're in the same battlegroup and I'll be heading in there for some needed honor.

Ratshag said...

@Klaki - re-speccing is tempting, especially since it would give me a reason to pull this outta the closet.

@damm - it were most surprising to find meself suddenly surrounded by Alliance.

@Sonvar - Probably not tonight, but I'll keeps an eye out fer ya if I do.

sonvar said...

I appreciate it. Just don't expect me any special treatment after I wave at ya as Fugly, my boar, will be charging.

Good luck sir if I see ya

Ratshag said...

@Sonvar - Wouldn't want it any other way.

klaki said...

Why use teh axe when you can strangle clothys with that beard of yours.

I wish I was in your battlegroup, but you play on the West Coast... that play schedule would be too messed up for me.

Sabiba and Sabertooth said...

It's Alterac Valley next weekend. I love AV weekends. You can gain A LOT of honor that way. There's some good tank'n'spank fights with NPCs in AV if your on the offensive.

Gratz on the great weekend in EotS. I'm really getting into the PVP again myself. Too bad we're on diffrent battlegroups (I think...) AB and AV are my favorites. EotS isn't too bad, you just have to remember which way to run... :P

Sabiba and Sabertooth
70 Hunter
Cenarion Circle

Ratshag said...

@Klaki - that'd sure surprisify the buggers!

West Coast play schedule is messed up fer me too, but it's the cards I were dealt.

@Sabiba - We's actually not only in the same battlegroup, we's on the same server. I'll have ta look ya up some time and say howdies.