Monday, January 7, 2008

Is More Picture Time

Here's a few more of me vacation pictures from Rodent World. There be more in other posts what I does later.

If you ain't sure what the fuhg is a picture of, don't worry yerself. This blog ain't supposed to make a lot of sense.

Is the Polymorphing Pumpkin Princess and a couple of her rodent minions.
(There was rodents all over this dang place).

She were surprisingly limber fer a sixty-year-old villian.

Big-time Mages' duel at the Castle

Apparentlies this hat were the key to the Rodent Boss' magikal powers. But were cloth gear, so I hads ta vendor it.


Gommic said...

Hey Ratter -
You missed your calling; the kind of recon them shots providified coulda been done by a really sneaky rogue.
When's the Capital City raid and could I please get an invite?

Tengu said...

About the 60 year old villain... It is amazing what a bit of skin care products and make-up can do.

As for the hat... Next time see if you can bring an enchant with you. Maybe they can disenchant it and you can sell the enchanting material for more.

Ratshag said...

@gom - thankee

@tengu - weren't her face I were referring to; Good point on the enchanter - I'll try ta remember one on the next run

Euripedes said...

Do you REALIZE how much spell damage that headpiece has on it?!

I'm in hysterics here...

Suptail said...

Ahhh! Mage fight!