Friday, January 18, 2008

Is Alterac Valley Weekend

I ain't never been to AV (been to the other three battlegrounds now, but this'll be me first trip to the Valley). Not sure what to expect, but here's what I does know:

Number the One. Is supposed to be a good place to get honor points

Number the Two. There's a lot of PvE as well as PvP

Number the Three. I need 20 AV Marks of Honor to buy the S1 gauntlets, which I wants.

Number the Four. Is more complicated than other battlegrounds. Wowwiki sez read everything we tell you about the place, and then you still won't know jack about it.

Number the Five. Me GM Tarsius said it were his favorite his favorite battleground. Then he retired to Mulgore to grow herbs. No, not them kinda herbs. Well, maybe some.

Number the Six. Sometimes in battlegrounds you's the hammer, sometimes you's the nail, and sometimes ya just cain't tell. Best not to worry about it and just haves some fun with it. Ain't like these is really battles, not like in the old days. Now is more about givin' the goblins somethin' to bet on.

So that's what I knows about AV. Maybes I see you there, then we go have a pint at the World's End Tavern afters.


Anonymous said...

I don't marks so much but I do need the honor. Hopefully, I'll run into ya.

Unknown said...

Oh man! Do I ever miss the epic 8 hour AV battles where you would have to spend a couple hours just to get strategic graveyards!

Enjoy! AV weekend is an honor goldmine! Wish I could take advantage of it but I need to run some lights at a concert!

JJM said...

Do horde turtle AV in your battlegroup also?

Alliances wins about 1 out of 20 AVs because they refuse to not zerg.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

The Horde have AV easy, so now on my server, it's almost pointless. All Horde have to do is defend Galv and SHGY for a bit and push Alliance back until they win. It takes a while, but nothing ticks me off more than spending 20 mins in AV and to get 0 bonus honor. It almost makes me want to roll a Horde just for PvP. I would play as much AV as you can Ratsy, you'll get lootz in no time.