Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lunacy, with Intent

A whiles back, we was in the Mechanar, and the Plasma Rat's Hyper-Scythe dropped. "Ooh. Warrior weapon. Major dps. Grats, Ratter."
"I pass." says me.
"What? You don't want it? What the hey?"
"I's the wrong spec. I can't use two-handers efficiently anymore. Go ahead and DE it, Zinzi."
"But Rats," says Zin, "It's even got your name on it ..."
"Don't want it. Shard the bugger."
It was the right thing to do. But that don't mean I didn't cry meself to sleep that night.

Here the deal. I's protection specced. Means I's a tough-ass bugger, I know all sorts of tricks for looking threatening, and I've been trained to swing a one-hander, like me Planar Edge, with devastating effectivenessity. Can rip the other bugger's armor to shreds while I's at it, too. Very satisfying. So when I's just out killing things 'cause the need to die, I usually pack a dagger in me off-hand for a little extra kick.

Now, a two-hand weapon lays down some monstrous pain, if you can use it right. But you gotta been trained to use it proper. Mortal strikes and sweeping strikes and extra crits and all then good things. Me, all I can do with a two-hander is go swing ... ... ... swing ... ... ... swing. So, they ain't my thing and so I passed when the Hyper-Scythe dropped. Even though it were bodacious and it had me name on it. But the Lunar Crescent now. It's the baddest of the bad for two-handers. 109.6 dps, plus crits and attack power out the wazoo. Herk, over at Arms And Fury, forged hisself a Lunar Crescent, and calls it "super fun". Maybes that would potent enough even for a prot warrior like me.

So I bought me some primal might on the AH (100g or so a pop - ow, ow, ow, ow!) and I farmed me some primal air. Saved up all the eternium that were tucked away in adamantite deposits. And then I popped over the the Shattrath forge and started hammering way.

So here it is. And man, do it look righteous. I took it out to the Bone Wastes to get some feedback from the cultists there. They's experts at becoming dead. Well, what they told me was, yeah, it hit like a truck, but it weren't enough to keep up with all the special attacks I could do with a pair of one-handers. Bugger. So, I put it in the bank, next to me Whirlwind Axe and me Truesilver Champion and me Honed Voidaxe. Maybes someday I'll respec and I'll be able to put it to good use.

And by the ways, this were Goal and Priority Number the Two. For those of you what be keeping score.


Dammerung said...

Note-the-one) That is one cool axe.

Note-the-two) That is one cool axe.

Note-the-three) I need to drop mining and get blacksmithing. Or wait. Drop skinning and get blacksmithing? I'm confused.

Note-the-four) Back to the basics I guess: That is one cool axe.

Sonvar said...

Well that answers my question as to why you dual wield as you said its more effective while protection specced. I'm a hunter so any spec I have I only care about the stats a weapon gives as we're not too good at meleeing. Even a prot warrior such as yourself would rip a hunter up if they did nothing but melee with you. Anyways, at least you accomplished another goal and have a good weapon waiting to be used should you tell your warrior trainer that you're tired of being a big threat machine and you'd rather be a big damage machine.

Just in case you're still confused drop skinning to pick up blacksmithing.

Lance said...

Very nice Axe there Ratsy.
@dammerung make sure you have tons of mats prior to picking up blacksmithing and then find a quick guide cause it is slow going and expensive if you dont have the right stuff when needed.

Ratshag said...

@damm - I wouldn't switch to blacksmithing before you get to 70. While yer skilling up it's mostly mail, and then plate items, which won't do you no good. Best to wait and then power-level. If you wants a crafted weapon before then, just pay a smith to make it for ya (they's almost all BoE)

@sonvar - Yeah, it's the talents that make the difference. Particularlies with the buff that Devastate got in 2.3

klaki said...

Cool axe Ratsy. You can use it to keep all your many partners in check :)

WoW is always in the need of some good tanks, keep it up Ratsy!