Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Whore's Thong Gulch Weekend

This past weekend were bonus honor at Warped Swan Gulch, and while Team Ratshag didn't have a lot of time available, three of us did end up venturing in fer a bit. First up were Dakoneris the boingy-eared twinky. He managed to hook up with a bunch of his twinky guildies for the first time in his short career, and they hit the place like a sledgehammer hitting an onion. Major, major spankage. At least it were over quick fer the ninnies' side. Dakoneris also informs me that he has acquired a white woolen dress, so that he can be better prepared for the next time. Ummm .... yeah. Whatevers.

Next up were DangerMouse. Now that little piece of rottenflesh has been doing a damn fine job of bootstrapping herself up and buying much improved gear, and I's damn proud of her, but she's still only got half the health of Dakoneris and she ain't never gonna be a terror of the 10-19 class. Nevertheless. When she got herself inta the Alliance flag room and was all set to pick up the flag, only to have a thirteenth season troll with maybes 200 health beat her to it, she gained a better appreciation of some of Out of Megan's complaints about thems what ain't helping. "Fool! Drop the flag and let me carry it. And be quick! I haven't got all day," she hissed at him. "Lolz! L2play, nub," he replied, and ran down the tunnel with it, where he was promptly turned inta troll-ka-bob by the Silverwingies. Even so, the Alliance had even more low-levelers on they side than Mouse had on hers, and her team were able to prevail fairly easily.

Then it were me turn. Normalies, I'd pass on Horse On Gulch, it not being me favorite, but it were the daily as well as the weekend, so I figures what the hey, I'll take the extra honor. To me surprise, when I popped inta the get-ready room, there were Sabiba and Sabretooth, a coupla readers of this here blog. Well, Sabiba is anyways; probablies not so much the cat. She were looking rather piratey fer a belf hunter, but what can ya expect of someone willing to eat them freaky Wailing Cavern fishies? We exchanges a few pleasantries, and then the fight were on. And on. And on. After the first hour or so I were remembering why I don't like doing Ping Pong Gulch - them Silverwingies kept turtling up with a buncha druids doing heals and it were dang near impossible to get out flag back from them. But with the score tied 2-2 they finally made a mistake and tried ta zerg our flag carrier, all ten of them at once. And we managed to beat them back and recover our flag in the process. "CAP IT!@#%" Sabiba yells at our flag carrier, and he did. Phew. Collected me marks and got the fuhg outta there.

Afters Sabiba told me that I'd made her job lots easier by getting the other side to focus on me, freeing her up to do her dps thing. Which were real nice to hear, 'cause that's what I's trying to do, get in the casters' faces be a big pain in the arse what cain't be ignored, but it be hard to tell sometimes how well it's working when yer in the middle of the chaos.


Kat said...

I kind of felt that we scared Dak a bit…

We left the flag room and by the time we hit midfield I noticed that he was hanging back. After I instructed him to “come to us” I didn’t get a very confident “Yes, mame”.

I sure hope he is okay.

Ratshag said...

No worries, Dak's fine. He were just lining up to play defense, the way he normally does. Didn't realize at first that with that crew (versus 10 random buggers) there weren't no need fer defense.