Monday, January 7, 2008

Is Really Really Almost the End

Here's even more of me luggerchumpin' vacation pictures from Rodent World. There be more in other posts what I does later. Is getting very near the end, I really promises this time.

If you ain't sure what the fuhg is a picture of, don't worry yerself. This blog ain't supposed to make a lot of sense.

The rodent Uber-Boss hisself. And his minions.
Bugger kept showing up everywheres, and always in the flashiest outfits.
Saw him one-shot a dragon one night, so I figured I'd best be respectfuls.
And when he weren't around, there was statues and totems and whatnots.
Here he be chillin with Walt, his RL avatar.

And we all thoughts Cay was Teh Sqeakie. This here princess were so squeekie,
she sounded like she were poppin' helium pills.

Sometimes this place just reminded me of Un'goro Crater.


megan said...

In the top pic, I see every one in the raid sporting their T6, except the Duck who doesn't have the pants. RNG loot must have struck again.

Ratshag said...


Anonymous said...

I'm betting the duck is in a bet about how he couldn't do the instance without pants.

Euripedes said...

He's obviously the tank, then.

"Real tanks don't wear pants", remember?