Monday, January 7, 2008

Is Still More Picture Time

Here's a few more of me vacation pictures from Rodent World. There be more in other posts what I does later. Is getting near the end, I promises.

If you ain't sure what the fuhg is a picture of, don't worry yerself. This blog ain't supposed to make a lot of sense.

The inn I were staying at had some major housekeeping issures:

That, and the elevator cables kept breaking.

She wants the Ratshag
This brazen redhead were too much fer them pirates,
but one look at me and she struck her colors and heaved to.

Bucha buggers was all a-googly over this here resto druid.
Ya'd think none of'em had ever seen a walking tree befores.


Kat said...

It looked to be a successful run!

I hope you got the loot to drop that you were looking for AND won the roll. I do have to say this is absolutely one time I wouldn’t want to see the warriors repair bill. I sure hope your party tipped you for the run.

Welcome back.

Ratshag said...

Thankee - Nice to be back. Definitely picked up some nice loots.

sonvar said...

You don't often see Resto Druids as much anymore. You typically see those big owls or "Moonkin" as they like to call it.

As far as your sleeping arrangements go I have to imagine that's still 5 times better than any Undercity Inn.

baila said...

The Vine Lady! We LOVED her! Where are my pictures, I got her too! Best performance in Rodent World.