Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ratshag Does Mathifications

Pffft. Yeah, right. Mathifications make me head hurt. I paid me finger-wigglin', cloth-wearin', high-Int brother 5 silver to do 'em fer me. Like the Little Admiral would say, Never do yerself what ya can con an expert inta doin' fer ya.

So. Mathifications. There be a lot of PvP gear ya can spend yer honor points on. Currently ya gots yer S1 Gladiator's set (head, shoulders, chest, legs, and hands), Veteran's armor and it's big brother Vindicator's armor (waist, feet, wrists), shield, weapons, necklace, ring, cloak, trinkets, and bugger knows what else. So if'n ya wants ta spend yer points on gear what'll help yer PvP survivability (so's you can live to get more points - you know how the system works!) what's the best value?

So I had Gog figger out the honor points per Stamina and per Resilience of each piece of gear what might be usefuls to me. Then thems what had the lowest point cost should be where I spends me points first. Well, it turned out that there weren't no clear winners. Some gear had cheaper stamina, some cheaper resilience. Hmmph.

Then I sez, Hey! Ain't there a +35 resilience bonus fer having two pieces of Gladiator's plate? Put that inta yer calculationizing. So he does. And then we see the followings:

(Big unexplained white space, and then ... )

Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets250273
Gladiator's Plate Shoulders250308
Sergeant's Heavy Cloak280397
Veteran's Plate Belt317476
Veteran's Plate Greaves317476
Gladiator's Shield Wall333517

Now, ain't that interesting. Says first two pieces of the S1 set is real cheap fer the survivability ya get. Also says I don't need really need to farm mats fer the Gauntlets of the Iron Tower or the Resolute Cape, since I can more PvPish gear cheaplies. Almost done farming fer the Brainbucket of the Stalwart Defender, though, so I'm gonna keep going with it. Even if it be an ugly-arse thing what could only look good on a hummie or maybes a belf pally.


Arren said...

If you're looking to bump up your Resilience, you can always find a high level tailor to craft you the cloak that gives +16 Res. Pretty easy to make too, as memory serves, so acquiring the mats isn't too hard. I'd find the exact name for you, but the IT Nazis tell me I'm not allowed on any of the good WoW sites.

sonvar said...

This might be what he's talking about though the mats are expensive mostly due to cooldowns.


Kat said...

I like math and I don’t want to figure this out. The good thing about this list is that you can look forward to matching gear!

AND the resist to my Fear… more… than… you all ready do… is just plain irksome.