Friday, January 25, 2008

Is a Numbers Game

Honorable Kills.

Is a sign of lethality when yer PvPing. Actually, it be a sign of being in the general proximity of lethality, since ya gets credit if the gumpernubber dies near ya, whether you did fer him or not. Which is good fer buggers like me, since in a fight I often tries ta slow, stun, and silence someone so someone else can skillfully stab and and slice and spear (fear mah uber alliteration skillz!).

So, ya put some bugger down, or ya stands there with a dumb look on yer face while the guy next to you does it, and you get an Honorable Kill. And the universe is polite enough to keep track of yer HKs for ya so you don't gots to be bothered. You can look'em up if ya wants - go to yer character sheet and click on the PVP tab and there they be. If ya wants to see how deadly yer friends is, you can go they's armory page and see it there. Me friend Mr. Hoof has over 12,000 kills. Out of Mana Meliadoul has over 23,000. Even Hydra who don't PvP has herself a couple thousand. But then ya go to the armory page of that killing machine Ratshag and there ain't nuthin' said about about Honorable Kills. Is like they don't exist. What the hey?

Is cause the armory don't list yer HKs until you reach the level of worthiness. And they defines worthiness as 1337. And I's only got about 850, so far, which is way more than one, but not enoughs yet. Now, I knows there's a spiritual signifcance to 1337, but there's other spiritually significant numbers. Like 1138, or 42, or 998 (is density of water at Standard Temperature). So how comes they could'na picked one of these others (which be quicker to reach), hmmmm? Then I'd have more bling on me armory page sooners.



Anonymous said...

It's 1337 because that's "leet", right?

Ratshag said...


Anonymous said...

I think you have to get 1000 hks actually. Because I stopped doing pvp for a bit shortly after I got 1000 hks for a couple of a reaons.

Anonymous said...

/target Blizzard
/shake fist

/target Ratshag

Anonymous said...

Trust me, by the time you get THE shield you should be be above 1337...

Did you hear about Blog Azeroth We need more warrior bloggers... them pallies are outnumbering us

Ratshag said...

@sonvar - Currently the FAQ sez 1337. Is possible it used to be 1000, then they changed it fer they own amusifications, p'raps? I finds out soonish.

@stumm - Thankee

@Ang - Yeah, I knows. Should hit 1337 by the time I get the shoulders (shield is next on the list). But I wants me immediate gratifications NOW!

Vulpinor said...

Duly impressed that a meat-shield such as yourself knows the density of water at standard temperature. My question is if a frost mage get something special when killed 273 times?

megan said...

Holy hell, I have alot of HK on my Druid. >_<

Anonymous said...

I think I'm close to or at 3000 HKs now. I didn't start PvPing until I hit 70, and that was just a few short months ago. I'm also a pretty casual gamer. So for me to have that many kills is impressive. AV and AB how I love thee!

BTW it was QUTIE fun playing with you this morning! Although I do hate 1 hour WSGs. Thank you for saving my behind so manytimes. It worked out quite well for us. You play the part of a meatshield very well. You'd distract them with your big meaty self and I'd do MSQRDPS while they were focused on you, and drop them before they did too much damage to you. If you ever want someone to PvP with, and I'm on, I'm always willing!

When I saw that it was you I was playing with, I was rather elated! It was like getting to play with BRK. When I saw your name I about piddled myself thinking about the "Garlg glgargh glargle" and I couldn't believe it was THEE Ratshag.

BTW how do you know the density of water at standard temperature? I get 42: The meaning of life the universe and everything. It's just that the 1138 and density of water caught me off guard. You're more than just a meatshield! :)

Sabiba and Sabertooth
Cenarion Circle

Ratshag said...

I's just a simple orc, but sometimes I dreams about the material properties of water and stuff like that. I dunno what that means.

@OMMM - Holy Hell indeed!

@Sabiba and Sabretooth - It were pretty cool to pop inta the Gulch and find meself with eight strangers and someone I knew. Really appreciates the feedback - I'll be writin' abouts that fight when I gets some more time.

alibaba said...
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Anonymous said...

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