Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Thee to the Plaguelands!

So I's walking through the Lower City in Shattrath the other day, when I turns the corner and bang! I walks into me kid brother Gogmoth.

"The fuhg you doing in Outland?" I asks him.

"Nice to see you too, Ratshag. I've reached my 58th season - I've earned the right to be out here."

"But yer supposed to be in Un'goro Crater, killing oozes and stuff. And then you need to get to the Plaguelands and take care of all them Scourges what I never got around to. Then you can come to Outland."

"But Rats - you always said that the really good loot is in Outland. If I go to the Plaguelands I'll have to use my plain old Azeroth gear."

"Gog, Gog, Gog. Remember the plan. Do as many quests as you can in Azeroth, that way you'll reach 70 a lot sooner once you do come to Outland. And then you'll make more money for the Team, questing at your maximum. Maybe you should go to Silithus as well - lots of bugs there I never took care of."

"But Rats that's no fun!"

"What's fun got to do with it? Think of the Team, boy!"

"But when you reached 58, you dropped everything and ran straight for the Black Portal. You didn't finish your quests. For all I know, you were in the middle of a fight."

"This ain't about me, Gogmoth. It's about you doing what I tell you. Get yer arse to the Plaguelands!"

"But -"


"But I -"

"Plaguelands, or I'll tell mom!"

"Fine, I'll go to the dang Plaguelands. But I'm not going to Silithus. I hate those dang bugs as much as you do."

"All right then."

So he portalled back to Azeroth, and I went looking for a diversion or two to calm me nerves. Imagine, the nerve of that boy.

Maybe I'll send DangerMouse to Silithus, after she's got some more seasons under her belt. She's a walking corpse - how much can bugs creep her out?


Grimmtooth said...

Now, Rats, what kind of example are you setting? I know it's a pain, but you're the eldest. You have obligations to your clan.

(Between you and me, I never finished the Plaguelands or Silithus either - don't tell anyone).

That's why I didn't chide Flora when she headed for that portal at 58. After dying a few times, she saw the wisdom of getting a couple more seasons under her belt before playing with the big dogs and went back to finishing up Un'goro.

But no Plaguelands. Just too darned depressing.

Sonvar said...

you tell em rats. Outland isn't the only place that needs help. Besides breathing in the toxic air in that area should be a good thing for a warlock like him.

Pike said...

Way to tell 'im!

Tengu said...

"or I'll tell mom"

Gotta love how that argument always solves everything between brothers.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the impression Ratshag's mom was a Marine drill sergeant?

klaki said...

On my first 70, I was the same way... get to Outlands quick, which was the 1st day it came out. However, I'm lvling a druid now and it will be much different. When I hit 58, I'll be hitting Outlands, but not to quest. I'm going to be killing some Shattered Hands peeps and runnign instances. I'll do this until I'm at least 60 and my rep for Honor Hold (Alliance Rox!) is Honored. I will get some good lootz, and then when I go do my quests, that rep will make it easier for me to get to Exalted later on. The same will go for the other areas. Luckily my guild is awesome and they will help me with the en devour.

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em Ratshag. The nerve of these younguns.

Of course, I can't pretend to be any better. When this Gnome Mage buddy of mine hit 58 he abandoned every single quest in his log and started travelling. No matter that I told him to do some Plaguelands (he's already done Silithus), no matter that I have some items in my bags that will give him easy Argent Dawn rep. No matter at all. All he wants to do is kill stuff in a place that has flying Horde just LOOKING for a Gnome to gank...

He may be a mage, but he's not all that bright...