Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Are Ye?

Greeeaat ta meetya!

What can I do forya?

My, you're a tall one!

Oh, bugger, that's what gnomes say. Ummmm....


Okay, the fuhg am I doing? I's practicing being a dwarf.

All started a coupla months ago when I saved this gnome mage what were way in over his head fightin' demons near Ogri'la. As thanks, he says he can give me a gadget what'll transform me into a gnome so's I can walk around Alliance-side without gettin' inta trouble.

"Hmmm. Ya got one what'll make a dwarf? Gnomes is too short fer me taste." I sez.

"No problem!" he sez, and hands it over to me.

Coolness, I thinks. This'll make it possible fer me to go to places like the Great Forge and hang out and quaff a few pints of stout without getting ganked. So I heads over ta Shattrath, pops the gadget and *poof* I's a dwarf. But there be a problem. I ain't a warrior no more - I's a squishie priest. And season one to boot! Buggering little gnomes and they's sense of humor.

I tinkered around a bit, killing me some troggs and wolves and whatnot, and when I took it off I popped back to me normal orcish self. Didn't think much of it until Doom's birthday came up, and I figures what the hey, I'll go give the bugger me best. So I pops inta Dwarf form and goes to Ironforge and looks him up.

While I's there, I also says hellos to Mr Big Red Kitty, who were generous enough to invite me inta his guild (apparentlies in addition to recruiting for SSC and beyond, they also needed buggers to clear out Dun Morogh).

Apparentlies, me reputation had preceeded me and there was some what were happy to see me join they's friendly blog-happy guild.

Weren't all peaches and cream. Some was sceptical about the idea of an orc in an Alliance guild, even if I were disguisified...

One poor bugger even had a keyboard malfunction ...

... and there were some violence

But all-in-all it went pretty smooth, and I's now an accepted, if very junior, member of the bloggingest guild in Azeroth. So when I ain't in the battlegrounds or farming or doing dailies, I's practicing at being a dwarf. I be up to me 20th season now, which is more than any of the Alliance members of Team Ratshag, the lazy buggers. So. Here's me as a squishy dwarf priest. Greeaaat ta meetya!


Grimmtooth said...

Aye, great ta meet ya!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm so jealous! It's like having all the all-stars on one team. Yer like a celebrity and some junk. It would be cool to have a guild that was full of bloggers. You could all write about the same instance from different points of view and stuff. Ratshag meets Roshamon, and whatnot.

Cap'n John said...

While some lamented the change in ownership of the White Dwarf magazine, saying it was the beginning of the end for one of the finest RPG mags around, I loved reading the Table Top Battle Reports with their Turn by Turn descriptions, the Players' commentaries, their strategies prior to the battle and their summary afterwards about what they did wrong, what they did right, and why each worked or didn't work.

So I reckon it would be a dead set winner if you got together a few good writers (Ratty, BRK, and Whiffle are obvious choices, IMHO) all tackling the same Instance together, all providing their unique input on why they're going and where and what happened when they got there. Instances can be a lot more than just Hunter pulled into Freeze Trap, Warrior Charged and smacked some heads, Priest healed, DPS did what they do best, rinse & repeat. ZOMG! Phat Lewt!

Doomilias said...

anytime ratty comes to practice dwarfism we loves it!

Trollin' said...

Have you mastered tha' funky kick-y squat-y dance yet? I never understood how those short little dwarven legs manage that.

Ratshag said...

I don't expect there's gonna be much BRK/AC Celebs/Ratshag team-ups anytime soon. Remembers, they just bitch slapped DoomWalkerTexasRanger and I ain't even made it to the Wetlands yet. But I is kinda hoping to catch up enough by the time Northrend opens up that the gear differences won't matter much. Long ways off, though, so we'll just have to see.

@Doom - Thankee. I loves hangin' with you buggers too.

@Trollin' - Naw, I still falls on me arse every time I try it. Maybe by me 30th season.

Anonymous said...

Personally I like being a Draenei because most aren't looking down at me instead I'm looking down at them. And I'm at least close to eye level with those night elves. Plus you wouldn't believe how much you save on shoes by having hoofs. Instead I take some wool and wrap it around my ankles.

Anonymous said...

@sonvar: One word. Moo!

Anonymous said...

crap! got dissed by fio by not letting my 70s get in, but a lvl 6 priest gets in! /confused

apparently i'm talking to the wrong peeps :) or that i need to inherit a british accent!

oh, btw! i looked up bugger, and it's often used as slang to refer to someone who practices sodomy. thats pretty messed up ratsy!

Ratshag said...

@Klaki - Is all about finesse. That, and the sex appeal. And don' be too literal. Is not good fer ya. 'Sides, is me blog, words only mean what I wants'em to mean.

Euripedes said...

Dunno 'bout you guys, but that dwarf looks surprisingly... orc-y.

Anonymous said...

ouch! i have no finesse, no sex appeal, and i take things too literally.... /cry

way to dmg a person's pride :(

LOL, i keed i keed. one day i'll rise to the level of ratsy!

i know you don't mean to call us all sodomist, i was just wondering and shocked to find out what it meant.

BMick said...


Ratshag - just a recommendation for the dwarf priest disguise get yourself that little ability called spirit tap ... and stack some spirit gear. it helps the little blue bar fill back up faster so it stays full longer. i know takin' hits usually helps ya when you are tankin' but castin' is a whole different can of worms.

Wildhermit said...

Ratshag... good idea, perhaps I should make "stalking" toons too even though my fanbase (all 2 of them) is nowhere near yours :P

I already have Skywall and Arathor... why not branch out with lowbies to say hi.