Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is on Welfare, Baby!

Okay, yeah, I knows, some peoples got strong feelings on the term "welfare epics", thems for and thems against. Somes even write songs about it. Me, I finds the whole thing pretty amusing. 'Course, I's easily amused.

Anywho, little over a week after me first battlefield foray, I's got me enough marks and points to pick up these shiny purple gloves. And I's about half of the way towards the matching shoulders and that big resilience set bonus. Then I's gonna go back to working fer me shield.

Fer tanking, these is not so good. Felsteel be better, 'cause of the sockets and defense rating. If I were raiding Kara, I'd be lookin' ta pick up these from the Maiden, which is way better tanking gloves. And fer dailies or farming primals or whatevers, I'll stick with me Ragesteel gloves fer now - don't need all that stamina against mobs what can hardly hurt me nohow anymore. But fer the battlefields, I's very happy with me new welfare epics.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I know I have different sets of items I use for particular events. If I'm doing PvP I replace both of my trinkets, my chest piece, and shoulders. Eventually I'll get a head piece, leggings, and belt to set myself up in. I have PvP gloves but those are used for PvE at the moment since I don't have any of Tier 4 gear yet. Getting close though since I was able to help and lead in damage against curator.

Anonymous said...

Welfare Epics are only welfare if you afk for them so you can compete with your PvE raiding brethren.

PvP gear for use in PvP is justly earned.

I just don't know why PvE'ers sink their time into BG's for this illgotten booty and prance around on a PvE server like they're God's Gift!

If one is so inclined to enjoy PvP to that extent, take your diaper off and level a toon to purples on a PvP server already!