Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, That Were Unexpected

I didn't know what ta expect when I gave young Galertruby the floor a few days ago. I kinda figgered some of the regulars'd go "ummm... huh?" and then we'd move on, but at Team Ratshag everybody gets a turn, and besides, the little fellah seemed most excited. And then it turned out to be the most viewed, most commented on entry in the history of Need More Rage. Were most surprising. Turns out he's like one of them Roscharch ..., Rorchash ...., Rorchachacha .... bugger. One of them inkblot tests. Everybody heared what they wanted ta hear in his pontificationizing.

Me? I don't understand a dang word of what he sez, but he does a bang-up job of helping out with the inventory so I's glad ta have him around.

BRK sez he should get his own blog. I ain't sure that's gonna happen, but Galertruby's all set to share his thoughts on +INT vs MP5 gear, and how to use mind-control to yer advantage in 25-man raids, and the most efficient way to get from the mailbox to the bank in Undercity, and other priesty/bank alt things, so we's gonna see what happens.

Oh, and TJ? Real sorries about yer ass fallin' off there, hun. Put it in a plastic bag and pack it in ice, maybes they can reattach it.

And Galertruby's got one quick thing to add, I can tell by the way he's lurchin' from side-ta-side. What is it, kid?

"Glarrghal aghallh!"


sonvar said...

At least now I know I'm not the only one who didn't understand him. As long as he understands you it doesn't make too much difference.

Oh I'm supposed to be in one of those videos but I'm waiting for this Undead rogue fellah to post it up. I'll give ya a link after I see it. Evidently I'm the only one to kill him. Or kill him again as I'm not quite sure what state an undead person goes into.

sonvar said...

I show up near the end;9498195;/fileinfo.html

TJ said...

Excellent use of Up yours!

Shifttusk said...

Gllha garrharlh aglhha gahllragl.

Lolz, day 3 still pissing my pants when i read it.

eustacius said...

ratter -
like shifttusk says, young master G has me wetting myself with laughter.

Arrens said...

@Sonvar - May I suggest heading to the library in Stormwind and learning up on Gutterspeak? It makes the post a bit more understandable.