Saturday, November 3, 2007

You Too Good!

I's been practicing me fishing. The fishies in Outland is sneaky buggers (somethin' to do with all that nether I guess) and I just ain't got the skills yet to catch'em. So I practices. Oh, and I read that book, The Bass and You. Was good. Had lots of pictures and everything, and didn't give me papercuts.

But recently, I hit a wall. Just wasn't getting any better. So I goes and talks to Lumak, the fishing trainer in Org to see if there's anything he can show me. " Lumak no can teach Ratshag no more. You too good!" he says. "Find Lumak friend, Nat Pagle. Is human but no eat! Is Lumak friend! Nat teach you fish gooder."

I'd heard of Nat Pagle. They talks about him at all the docks and fishing holes from Shadowprey Village to Revantusk. He's like the best of the best. Won the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza when he was like, four years old or sumthin'. And I gots to find him.

He ain't an easy man to find. I knew he was in the Dustwallow Marshes somewhere, but you know, there's a fuhggin lot of water there. Fortunately, the spiders and crocolisks and other vermin could tell I was an orc not to be messed with and pretty much left me alone as I searched. Finally found him on this small island off the coast, about as far from anywhere as you can get. Once we established that I was there about fishing and not to eat him or nuthin', he relaxed and said sure he could teach me some stuff. But like everybody else on this freakin' World, he wanted something first. At least it weren't too much. Just one exotic fish from each Desolace, Feralas, Strangethorn, and the Swamp of Sorrows. Weren't too bad. The only one what gave me trouble was the Feralas Ahi - had to ride into town and by me some lures.

So I got me fish and took 'em back to Mr Nagle, wracking up some serious frequent flyer points along the way. And thens we had ourselves a good cookout. Those fish grilled up real nice, not like the crap you get from the ponds in Org and Thunder Bluff (I won't even mention the stuff you get in the sewers in UnderCity!) and I had me Brewfest pony keg (Nat's a man what likes his beer). And then he showed me a few tricks about casting and reeling. They was the sorta stuff what seemed obvious after, like yer kickin' yerself for not figuring it out on yer own, 'cept you never would've in a million years. And sure enough, as we's fishing and drinking and watching the turtles go by, I could feel me skills slowly improving again.

Fishsticks, here I comes.


Kel said...

Yay! we both made it to day 2!

Wildhermit said...

Two times recently that you have shown diplomatic concessions to a member of the alliance. First the laughing gnome now some dirty fisherman :P

I think a certain Orc is looking to defect...

Congrats on day 2 :)