Friday, November 9, 2007

Ratshag. Now 60% Bold.

And 40% starkers.
Last night in the Black Morass the Legplates of the Bold dropped off of Aeonus. Presumably he kept'em around for when he transmorgified into human form, since no way they'd fit on a forty-foot dragon. Anywho, they goes nice with me Shoulderguards of the Bold which I got from Murmur in Shadow Lab (who didn't have no shoulders, so buggered if I know what he was doin' with'em) and me Gauntlets of the Bold which I took off of Warlord Fishface in the Steamvault (who at least had hands). Still missing is the Warhelm of the Bold and the Breastplate of the Bold, both of which was last seen in various corners of Tempest Keep. But I ain't seen either of those yet.

The shoulders was a clear upgrade from me old Warchief's Mantle, so I slapped some Solid Stars of Elune in'em and a Greater Inscription of the Knight and they's me tanking shoulders. So far so good. But then it gets tricky. Compared to me Felsteel Gloves, the Bolds got more stamina but less armor. Since I's got plenty of health but I'm pushin' to get me armor up to 12k, I tank in the felsteel and bank the bold. But as gear changes I may find meself in the opposite position, so I ain't vending nuthin'. Then me Legguards of the Resolute Defender got better avoidance the the Bolds but less strength, which be useful fer generating the threatifications. At the moments I ain't having no troubles holding aggro, so I'm tanking in the Resolutes and banking the Bolds, but this may change. Arrgh. I's just a simple orc, and having to keep track of all this mathifying be giving me headaches.

Bugger it. I'm gonna go kill something. And its offspring. And drink some beer.

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Wildhermit said...

Me thinks that Mr. Ratshag needs to put on a T-Shirt of the bold...

There are times when I dread getting an "upgrade" for the same reasons you expressed here. My bank holds a lot of "what if" gear.