Saturday, November 10, 2007

I's Been Neuterized!


That's the sound of 1344 dreadfang venom sacs being dropped on the floor in front of Sha'nir, the Draineinaena what runs the Center for Refugees Too Dumb To Not Go Out in the Woods And Get Bit By Spiders. "Oh, my" she says, awe-struck by my generosities and rugged good looks. "This may take a while."

Yeah, no lie. All the sacs had to be counted and but into boxes eight at a time and labeled and dated and whatnot. I said they should just take me word for it that they was all there, but her assistant said he weren't sure orcs could count that high. Bigot.

It took near an hour, but when it were done she reported up to her bosses on the Aldor Rise what a fine upstanding citizen I was and that therefores they shouldn't attack me on sight no more. Then she tooks me into the back room and gave me a more personal welcome to the Aldor community. I found out she sounds like a chipmunk when she's real excited, and she found out once you go orc you never go ... well, whatever. You just don't.

What you say? Screen capture or it didn't happen? Fine, you mistrustful buggers. Here it is:


Wildhermit said...

Congrats... One question my good orc... Why were we changing factions again? You going after the Aldor chest? I think you mentioned it before, but can not remember why :)

Ratshag said...

Yeppers. Vindicator's Hauberk.

Mana Battery Bitch said...

(Belated )Grats on your neutral standing! That must've been a mind-numbingly boring grind!

/still not exalted with Aldor and seecretly wishes she'd gone Scryers for the ring

John said...

Nice groundhogs day reference!

Any grats on the aldorks thing!


Ratshag said...

Thanks guys. I's really glad it's over and that I won't haveta do it again.

@ John - I only steals from the best.