Friday, November 9, 2007

Charms to Soothe the Savage Fuhggin' Breast

Teej wants to know what musics everyone listens to, so she can decides who's got the suckiest taste. Sounds like the sorta thing she's gonna enjoy announcing. Well, I listened to her stuff and it were okay. None of it creamed me twinkie, but none of it made me toss me warp burgers, neither. So, now that she's shown me hers, I guess I gots to show her (and the rest of you buggers) mine.

No Youtubing in Azeroth, I afears. All I can dos is put up the names and leave it to you to track'em down.

In no particular order, I like:

"I am Tauren, Hear Me Mooo" - Unby Wheatcream

"Play That Funky Earspank, Green Boy" - Brother Thorgen and His All-Dwarf Oompah Band

"Axes Will Weep" - Uttha Spleenbiter

"Fear Me Mojo, Mon" - Zul'jin's Stepsons

"The Murmur Says BOOOOM" - Auchindonaphobia

Oh, and that one where the wind blows the baby and cradle outta the tree. That one always cracks me up.


Lance said...

The Tauren one is be in my music box to put me to sleeps. MOOOOO

Beth said...

"Pretty Fly for a Green Guy"