Monday, November 19, 2007

Is Done

Hauled me green butt up to Revered with the Aldorks this weekend. Goal and priority Number the One. Means I got to buy their heavy-duty can opener-resistant chestpiece. I pulled out all the stops and paid a tailor to stitch me up a Cloak of Eternity as well, and got Zinzi to do her enchanting mojo. All together, my tanking kit gives me the following (unbuffed) data:

Health: 13k
Armor: 12.3k
Defense: 522

Is not bad, I think. There's enough wiggle room there that I could swap out some gems for +hit ones, to help with aggro generation. Some other day.

Man, I really look like a fuhggin' armored clown, don't I. /sigh


klaki said...

lol, an armored clown. congrats on the new pieces and such. i still wish wow would come out with gear dyes so we can color our clothes.

Sonvar said...

hmmmm....first TJ talks about her priest alt looking like a clown and you say you look like a clown. Who stole the clown idea from whom or is that today's theme?

At least you're a lot less squishy clown.

Gauntlet said...

There there. My main is a night elf male -- I ALWaYS look like a clown.

Dagashai said...

K... Rats...

This is yuir friend Mabd.

You do look like a clown. But there is a very good reason for this.

Clowns are the most terrifying thing in existence.

Think of the famous clowns...

Michael Myers
Chuck Norris

And now... Ratshag.

You see... the whole point of being an orc...

You wear the trophies from yuir kills.

The more disorganized the wardrobe, the more enemies vanquished.

True, I have an awesome brown/khaki skull and crossbones ensemble, but as a hunter, I get to pick my kills... warriors are doomed to kill whatever fiends, elites, and sex crazed teenagers they stumble across.

But you have one of the more satorially unfortunate outfits the outlands has yet seen...

Wear it with pride!

/emofire said...

Hoo, I missed the post where you neutralized yourself with Aldor. Props and congrats!

Kat said...

Congrats on finding the tailor and getting the Cloak made!