Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One More Hallow's End Post

This happened a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't write about it then, 'cause I'm writing about it now.

I was doing one of them undercover jobs to get in close with the Dragonmaw so's I could secretly help the Netherwingies. Job was to fly out to the Twilight Portal in Nagrand and kill a bunch of the Deathshadow Agents what was working to open the portal. Since these guys is Burning Legion types, I'm helping out the good guys too by doing this, so it's a good. Anywho, this here picture's got me going up against a Deathshadow Archon. Now, I wouldn't expects a twelve-foot gray demon-orc woman to be the sort to go around to the inns of Azeroth and politely say "Trick or treat" to the innkeepers in the hopes of getting some candy. But apparently she were planning on doing just that later, 'cause after I did for the wench I founds this in her pocket. Lucky me. Sucked to be her.

Wonders what she were planning to wear for a costume?


Grimmtooth said...

I saw the same thing drop in Hellfire Peninsula last week and was showing it off to the guildies, who didn't seem impressed. Pshaw.

An unexpected treat! /me happy!

kakalaki said...

Everybody knows that Deathshadow Agents <3 to Trick or Treat! It's the only time of year they can go to people's doors without hearing "Eek! A Deathshadow Agent" and getting their behind handed to them soon after.

Gratz on the drop, but I will say....

LOSE THE SPOREGGAR TABARD.... LAME! How could an orc of your ruthlessness and power be seen in that?! Don't mobs laugh at you?

Gauntlet said...

@Halloween Bag
That's super awesome.

Let me get into the proper writing style to respond...
Him represent littlest peoples, even if them not entirely peoples but mushroom men who walks around in the swamp.

Ratshag said...

I likes the glowy spore trail this tabard leaves behind. Since the mobs is dead and I got they's stuff, I figures whether they laughed or not just ain't that important.

kakalaki said...

"I likes the glowy spore trail this tabard leaves behind"

All the ancient orcs are rolling over in their graves! Orcs don't go for the glitter, they go for death, blood, and cries for mercy.

Anyway, great blog, keep it up.

Ratshag said...

Oh, bugger, I's a stupid orc. It ain't the tabard what's doing the glowy trail, it's me Helm of Evil Laughter what be doing it. Crap. So maybe I'll switch the tabard after all, since it turns out this one ain't special after all. /mope

Kris O said...


Dont let them bully you around, your a Orc of your own and by Thrall's great will if you wanna wear that tabard the WEAR IT WITH PRIDE!!

kakalaki said...

/bully Ratsy

Evil Tabard!

lol, you can wear it if you like it, i just like to tease.