Saturday, November 17, 2007

He shall be My Squishy!

I was shroom dude back when shroom dude wasn't cool. I filleted nagas and gathered fertile spores and went on some really far out trips on psychedelic fungi, just so I could party it up in the marsh and wear the purple and purple and green. Then along comes Patch 2.3 and they shroom dudes is offering spore bat non-combat pets. Well, I just had to get me one.

All they want for payment is 30 glowcap mushrooms. "Find 30 mushrooms in Zangarmarsh? Pffft. How hard can that be?" you asks. Gots to remember though. You's looking for a particular kinda mushroom, hidden in with all the others. It's like saying "Find me 30 orcs in Orgrimmar. And by the way, they's gotta be ones what pour the milk before the tea." or maybe "the ones who likes music videos with girls in blue poofy underwears." You get me point - they exist, but they ain't gonna all be standin' in front of the bank for you to finds all easy-like.

Well, I looked high and I looked low. I asked the guards at Zabra'jin if they'd seen any, but they just looked at me like I was a loon and kept walking. I tried asking a fungal giant, but he just wanted to eat me so I hadda kill him. The nagas just yelled at me and called me guild a bunch of losers who spend poker night wandering around in the wilderness and don't even get a single quest done. Well, okay, they had a point - I gotta give'em that one. Finally I found meself thirty glowcaps, and real quick flew over to the shroom dude quartermaster and got me my very own little spore bat. I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy!


Kat said...

Ugg... I am only Honored with them. I didn't want anything else.


I must getz me little undulating spore bat!

Marylin said...

Aww Mr Squishy is oh so cute! I'm tempted to farm for one of those lil bats but as with everything else I'd like to do i doubt i'll get round to doing it...

klaki said...

Did you ask the soon to be Mrs. Ratsy if you could have a pet?

Ratshag said...

@ Kat, Marylin -

Shroom dudes is one of the factions you can buy into, if yer patient. Just keep an eye at the AH for fertile spores and hibiscus.

@ Klaki -

Wells, I already got a robot chicken, a big spider, a small wolf, a piglet, a parrot, a gnome, a freak-of-nature fanged rabbit thingy, and a beholder. If these ain't scared her off, I figures a squishybat'll be okay too.

Gauntlet said...

Aw. Every tank needs a squishy.