Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Need more Google

I sometimes use SiteMeter to peek at where people is getting there linkifications to me blog from. Not that it matters much, I's just curious. Sometimes the google searches what lead people here can be a little odd. Apparently, if ya searches "what does zul mean in Polish" Google'll point you to me posting on running Tantria through Scholo. Yeah huh. Or, some poor sod searched fer "skinny dipping" and got me picture of Wind Rider Master Faustron. Man, he musta been a disappointed bugger.

I've seen some blogs talk about all the google searches that hit'em like there's a way to get this info real easy. But I's just a simple orc and sometimes these interwebbies is just too much for me. If anyone knows what this trick is and could point me in the right direction, I'd be most gratitudinous. Thankee.

Edit: Some poking around turned up Google Webmaster Tools, which can show's you all the searches what hit yer site. Doesn't quite agree wit' Sitemaster, but ain't nuthin perfect.


Arren said...

Sitemeter 101, For the Distinguishing Orc:
Log onto your account and click on the Details link on the left. It'll show you the folks that have visited your blog.

If you click on the number to the left (they go from 1 to whatever...), it'll give you details about the visitor, such as location and how they got to your blog (Entry Page) and how they left (Exit Page). If they've clicked on your link from a favorites menu, or just typed it into their nav bar, it won't show entry. And if they closed their browser, it won't show an exit either.

Wildhermit said...

I do the same Ratshag. I have been amused at some of the google searches used to get to my blog as well and have no idea how that relates. I thin there is a little goblin / gremlin that lives in the google server that just loves to mess with people.