Sunday, October 12, 2008

What the Hey?

So, I's been running around Azeroth with me new protezey ... protogy... pro... bugger. With me new trainee Kinnavieve. Killing them what deserves ta die, as defined by them what pays us. We was in the Wetlands, puttin' the pain ta some Dark Iron dworfs, when I spots me this fluffernutter in a grey robe, lookin' at us and startin' ta wiggle his fingers. So, I throws down a Mind Flay, expectin' ta melts his face off. Nuthin' happens. Damn misfire, I sez ta meself, and hits him with a Mind Blast. Ain't nuthin' nohow in the Wetlands what can take one of me +1200 spell damage Mind Blasts and not have everything between his ears not be instantly turned inta very dead sludge. And yet, that bugger just stood there, wiggling his fingers and tossing these puny little shadowbolts at me. Kinda tickled, they did. 

At this point me inner orc took over, and I just meleed his punk ass down. Knew I shoulda had Shu put Executioner on me mace, 'steada Soulfrost.

Turns out the dubbernugger's name were Balgaras the Foul, and he were totally immune ta shadow damage. Not resistant, not very very highly resistant, immune. Mother Shahraz herself couldn't burn this bugger down. How the freak he pull that off, I (and a buncha Black Temple raiding guilds) wants ta know.


Ryukyu said...

HA! You show him Ratters! That stick ain't just for show!

Khol Drake said...

It is a wise priest that knows the way of the fist.