Sunday, October 5, 2008

Running With The Left Claw

Me friends Jessika and Keredria runs with a guild what be called "The Left Claw". (Is there a The Right Claw too? Mebbe Horde side? I dunno. But I digressifies.) They's a small, tight group, and even though they came late to the raiding game, they's done a damn fine job progressing through Kara and beyonds. So yesterday I gets a letter from Jess, telling me they were hooking up with another small guild fer to go see Gruul's, and would I likes ta join them? Hell yeah, I says. So last night we gathers up and goes calling on the big guy and his High King Flunky.

Jessika, Pretty in Plate

Keredria, Winsome in Wood

We kinda made a mess on the battlefield.
Or more accuratelies, High King Mulgaur and his Ugly Ogre Posse did.

But in the end we did fer them fluppernuggers.


We took three shots at Mister "I Can Haz Shatter" Gruul, getting him down below 20% each time but never quite able to close the deal. But even so, I think it were a damn fine job. Fer most everyone it were they's first time there, and there was a lot of learning to do. But I had me a dang fun time, even with wipes and pally buff confusions and all. Thanks agains, Jess and K, fer invitings me.


Keredria said...

Thanks for coming with us Ratshag! I hope our noob asses weren't too annoying.

I definitely need to get some "taking good pictures in an instance" lessons from you. Yours are awesome! I love the one with Jess facing off against the big guy with her little white ponytail. And about the one of me from behind... you weren't checking out my ass were ya?

Ratshag said...

Pffft. Everybody's arse gets to be noobish sometimes. Is called progression.

Checking you out? Hell yeah, what you expect?

Khol Drake said...

Really, you can't say you're pretty in plate and not expect to get checked out now and then...

Looks like good times were had by all, gratz to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey great screen shots of me! I sometimes feel sorry for Keredria because she's an impressive looking toon in human form but you don't get to see that often when raiding.

Thank you again for coming with us Ratshag.