Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is Where Kinnavieve Goes To The Show

Wow. There it is. The Dark Portal. Am I prepared? Pretty sure I am. I mean, I've got good gear and my training is up to date. On the other hand, the Alliance's Expeditionary Force thought they were prepared twenty years ago, and look what happened to them. On the other other hand, Rats says I'm ready, and he should know. On the other other other hand, I've heard-

(Get a grip Kinn. It's just a door. Walk through it already. *grits teeth*)

Just for posterity's sake, I'm recording my current gear. Might be amusing to look back someday, plus it'll be handy if anyone needs to identify the body. (Stop that! No negative thoughts!)


Khol Drake said...

Just remember, one dogtag goes around your neck and the other in the laces of your boot. Then just hope you don't lose your head. Or foot.

Bell said...

Or both.

Also, welcome to Outlands!