Friday, October 24, 2008

I Love Mah Sugah Daddies!

'Allo there!

Well, Ah hit the big four-oh last night, and hauled me arse to the nearest warrior trainer ta get certified ta wear plate armor. And then it was off ta the bank where I had the beautiful Plated Fists of Hakoo waiting for meh, sent from meh wonderful boss, along with "of the bear" boots, belt, pants, and bracers. And the night before, mah GM Temm had helped meh soommon up Tuten'kash so Ah could get his Carapace. Then he went and slapped a +100 health enchant on it for meh, right then and there.

So, Ah'm in almost all new shiny hawt-looking armoor, thanks to meh two sugah daddies. They's wonderful, dinnae ya think?


Sedna said...

What a handsome lass! Beautiful AND deadly- a wining combination. That's why I always polish my hooves and horns before ducking through the gate at Arathi Basin.

Anonymous said...

Whoot! *swoon*