Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kinnavieve, Kicking It Old School

It's been a terrible couple of week in Azeroth, gentle readers. It began reports of the Headless Horseman burning villages and then flying off into the night. Then mysterious outbreaks of the undead plague, thought to have been eradicated years ago, began to appear. It appears to have started in Booty Bay, then quickly spread to major cities, and now zombies are appearing throughout the world. And then yesterday, the Scourge's flying Ziggaruts appeared outside of the capital cities, and Argent Dawn put out an urgent call for the heroes of Azzeroth to come together and defeat the Scourge at key invasion points. Many of my guildmates heeded the call, and throughtout the night were talking of their successes and their new hard-won epics. My duty lay elsewhere.

Even before this week, the heavy hand of the Scourge still held the once-great realm of Lordaeron, now known as the Plaguelands. Although weakened by the defection of Sylvanas and her Forsaken, the forces of evil still roam these lands. With the new Invasion, the forces are resurgent and as strong as ever. But last night I was there too, in Andorhal and Darrowshire and Corin's Crossing, using my sword and my Holy Wrath and my wits to destroy this enemy off all life. The rewards may not have been epic, and I won't even receive a tabard from Argent Dawn, but someone had to go there, and I was proud that it could be me.

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