Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Were A Lot More Than 2 Bits

Is were more like 12 gold fer the shave and haircut and dye job. Howevers, I's happy with me new look.

Is the old "Santa Rats" look:

And the new "buggered if I know but it's different" look:

And Kel, just 'cause I don't look like Father Winter no more don't mean ya cain't still sit in me lap and ask me ta brings ya a pony if ya wants. But Laguna is NOT allowed - his hair tickles me nose.


Kelektra said...

Woot! I still has lap sitting permissions!

laura said...

Is there a formal application process for lap privileges?

I recently snuck onto my shmoo's account and prettied up his dorf hunter. He got the soldier cut and the nice fluffy beard, and I colored it light blond. It too was also more than 2 bits. :/


Anonymous said...

The top picture with the gray hair is my priets beard but Esdras my priest is bald hahaha