Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Purge Comes Forth

The call had gone out, and the Purginistas had responded. To the Graveyard! To vanquish the Horseman, once and for all. There was Zinzi Who Gives Good Resurrection, and Thottle looking spiffy in his epic goggles, and Aelion the cheeky Blood Elf, and Rimunathah with his fireballs set to deep fat fry, and little Tantria and growed up and in her 70th season (yeah, she finally did catch me), and Mister Hoof, and Bullvyne, and young Bashabil, only in her 65th season but eager to do her part. Grumpy old Tarsius set down his hoe and pruning shears and water pipe and left his herb garden to join us. And even Ungarosh, reclusive Ungarosh, came dowm from the hills of Mulgore and put his clothes on, rather than let his comrades down. And of course me, the orc, anchoring the line and laying down the threatanizations.

(At least, I assume Ung put some clothes on. Hard ta tell with them boomkins...)

It were the greatest assemlage the guild had seen since the Dark Portal opened, maybe even the greatest ever. Granted, there were rust on some of the armor, and poor Throttle had trouble remembering which end of the sword ta hold (poor bugger's mind is really going, just like his elbows), and Mister Hoof were desparately thumbing through his spellbook looking fer Chain Healing. But we had our candles and we had fire in our eyes and in our bellies and wherever else ya can have a fire (femoral arteries? buggered if I know) and we Would Not Be Denied.

We challenged that Headless Huggernumper ta come forth, and then we put his Headless Arse down. 

And when it were done, we looted the bugger fer all he had on him. There was rings aplenty, and several flying brooms. Tantria got herself a sinister squashling fer ta follow her around and trade rude comments with her imp. And me? I got me his sword, glowing orange with built-in pumpkin soldier action.

It were a glorious evening. Will we hold together to vanquish more villianies, or will we once again go our separate ways? I does not know. But I does know what I's gonna remember this glorious evening, and cherish it always.

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Basil said...

Good to see your old group getting together again to do stuff, no matter what it is.

I can fondly recall the funnest instance runs I've ever done, and none of them were done with a raiding guild... they were all done amongst my friends, often doing goofy things like figuring out (the hard way) that some mobs in Shattered Halls are immune to CC.

Or insane speed runs through Stratt where we didn't bother with tanks and heals, just plowed right on through as fast as we could.

Damn good times.