Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is a Joke, Right?

Now, I been exalted with them Consortium buggers fer a long, long time. Is several thousand dead Nagrand Ogres what'll testify to that. So you'd think that when I stops by every month fer to pick up me membership benefits, I'd be getting sumthin' special in me bag. Sumthin' aboves and beyonds what them what is only honored or revered get.


I pops over to Nagrand fer to get me next-to-last bag of gems before shipping of to Northrend, and what I got? I got me four uncommons, and a funkerduggin Talasite, that's what. Great googly moogly. No Living Rubies, no Stars of Elune, no metas. One worthless, no-good, wipe-yer-arse-with-it Talasite.

Cheap fuhggin' space mummies.

1 comment:

euripedes said...

That'll be one of the "in" jokes the wrath babies won't get.

Some Guy: "Wanna hear a joke?"
Other Guy: "Sure!"
Some Guy: "Talasite!"
Other Guy: "Hahahaha!"
New Guy: "whut"