Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Where Kinn Wears Different Hats

Hi there. With it being Hallow's Eve season and all, I was thinking about different outfits. Right now I'm wearing this very effective but uggin fugly helmet which looks like it would be happier being used to slop the hogs. As my boss would say, I just had to invisify it. But I took some pictures of some other, more attractive headgear I've collected.

So, this is my Raging Berserker's Helm, which I used for a number of seasons. I like it. It's red - the color of anger, blood, or (for us soldiers of the light) righteous indignation. It has some great stats, but my current helm of ugly just has so much more armor and +stamina that I couldn't justify continuing to wear it. *sigh*
This would be The Chapeau. Ratters has a tradition ofshowing it off every time he gets it, so I felt I should to. I understand some folks find it less than appealing, but I like it. It's comfy, and it has a regal "off with her head!" look to it.
And this is my Purple Pimpin' Hat. I figure, if I'm going to be the team's main raider, then Ratters will need something to do to keep busy. So I might as well send him out on the street to peddle his tail. Where's my money? Go get my money, beeyatch!

I think that'd be fun.
And then there's this one. The Goblin who asked me to wear it said it made me look really foxy, but ... I dunno. Goblins are a little peculiar.
You're looking at the armored bra and wondering how that protects me in a fight, aren't you? I'm .... not really sure. Ratters says the bad guys are so distracted by the awesomeness of my rock-hard abs that they can't aim properly, but he was staring at my chest when he said that. Although, he was in dwarf form, so it was eye level for him. Hmmm....


Figworth said...

Kinn needs some Tyrant's Legplates - then she's all set for 'leave-90%-uncovered' armor.

Khol Drake said...

It's a well known fact that women become more armoured and bulletproof the more skin they show. A fully naked woman is effectively invulnerable, of course, depending on the size of her womanly assets.