Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Titan's Grip.

The Grip of the Titan.

Badass fluggertunkin' blender - stick yer face in it and you will LOSE!

So. I'm running 10/51/0 today - and I got me a big axe in each paw. In me main hand I gots me old trusty Lunar Crescent with Savagery on it. Is great fer killins. And fer me other hand I went over ta Nagrand and picked up a Hellscream's Will from the bumpkins. I went with it, 'stead of some other options, 'cause it's got a lotta +hit. And bugger can I use that now - swingin' this much metal, ya miss a lot more often I tell ya.

So how's it workin' out? Hohohoho... Them mobs? They's going down so fast what I's like "Wait! I ain't done showin' ya my full rotation yet!" Is glorious, I tells ya. I likes it, I does.


Bell said...


Khol Drake said...

You need a Gorehowl.

That is all.

Molinu said...

Under the circumstances, I'm surprised your post didn't consist of a steady stream of maniacal cackling.

Gauntlet said...


Although it's weird to see the Orc behind the dwarf after so long. ;)

Ratshag said...

@Bell - /flex

@Khol - last time Gorehowl dropped when I were in me dwarf outfit, I rolled on it "for the orc". They didn't give it to me.

But I expects ta have the Axe of Frozen Death within a few hours of hitting Northrend, so all will be good.

@Mol - there were plenty of that, too.

@Gauntlet - I's still out there, doing me thing. But dailies and battlegrounds and running younglings through dungeons don't often make fer good stories.

Anonymous said...

It does look like fun but I don't have any warriors so I can't play with that. Instead I got a white devilsaur stomping around behind me that get insanely huge.

It's look nice there Rats. The first I've heard of you speccing something other than Prot for a bit.

Ryukyu said...

Do not dispair Ratters! Your DPS will be stupid crazy in Prot spec as well. I ran H SP today with a Prot warrior. Damned if he wasn't doing 800 dps. He has really really good gear, but he was still out DPSing the lock and sometimes the hunter.

And two axes is FTW! I think you need to go back to SM Cathedral sporting those and the Mask..... and thats it! Then whats her face can see that you are more virile then ever!!

Avaric said...

I saw a warrior yesterday running around dual-wielding Stormherald and Deep Thunder. That just seems wrong on so many levels. :)